Plastic injection tools for automotive

Design, production and support: a complete and effective service for the automotive world.

The Company

SFA is a technical-commercial company specialized in the delivery of high quality tools for plastic injection
for automotive. Among our services we guarantee a technical support, a maintenance service and 24/7

The Group

Thanks to the partnership with Claren Tools Group we offer a complete service to our customers: from the
design of tools for plastic injection up to the after-sale assistance and commercial and administrative

The Products

We are specialized in the manufacture of tools of different kinds: from bi-injection to high productions, from tools for PP or PC up to stack, tandem or index plate tools. All tools for injection and die-casting are made according to specifications in order to satisfy the requirements from the various fields: from furniture to industrial branches, from lighting, electronic and household appliances up to design products and housewares, guaranteeing the best reliability and a top lifetime.

Precision and Know-How Made in Italy

The Company

SFA is a commercial company specialized in the delivery of tools for plastic materials for automotive. With a solid specific competence grown in over 30 years of experience in the field, the company guarantees to each customer a complete and effective commercial, administrative and technical support by cooperating with important Italian production realities. The competences and the experience gained in the European market, the deepened knowledge of the quality and specification standards,

besides bilingual (English and German) people, make of SFA a solid, secure and reliable reference to meet each need of technical, production and administrative nature. Thanks to the consolidated partnership with Claren Tools the company is able not only to design and realize high quality standard but also personalized tools for automotive meeting the customers’ needs completely, but also to offer a complete maintenance and assistance support, active 24 hours / 7 days.

Our Tools
  • Tools for PP or PC productions
  •  High production tools
  •  Hardened steel and intensive cooling
  •  Bi-injection tools (hard and soft material)
    •  Core back
    •  Rotational plate
    •  Spin form
  •  Tools for die-casting
  •  RHCM technology tools (by steam)
  •  Stack tools
  •  Tandem tools

The Group

The company has been designing and manufacturing tools for plastic injection and die-casting for over 30 years destined to big companies all over the world in the most various sectors: from electronic devices to household appliances and automotive, from design products to lighting, furniture and housewares.

The historical company of the Group has reached a deep experience in the engineering and construction of tools for plastic injection and die-casting, as a guarantee of the quality, technical competences and solidity of the entire network servicing big world famous companies.

With more than 10 years activities and a 30 years long experience in the Massolini Group and with its customers, SFA is a technical-commercial company specialized in the construction of tools for plastic materials with a superior quality in the automotive field. Among our services we guarantee a technical support, a maintenance service and a 24 hours/7 days assistance.

The Tools

Thanks to the consolidated partnership with Claren Tools we realize different kinds of tools for each need, such as tools in hardened steel for high productions, technical, aesthetic and bi-injection tools, which guarantee the maximum

precision and quality, ideal to satisfy the requirements of each brand in the sector. As a matter of fact, by using an internal specialized technical department which is able to design every detail of a tool, from aesthetic parts to mechanical components

with the help of informatics devices and machine components of last generation, we can deliver reliable and high quality tools.


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